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Constant ESD workstations

Constant workbench are perfect as ESD workstation to equip repairing factory or other technical mastershop with a workplace. These workbenches are equipped with several kinds of constructive supports and can endure increased load. These workbenches cannot be adjusted for necessary height. Buckling load of tabletop is 300 kg. The height of tabletop is stable and limited at 825 mm. The workbench has a heat resistance of 300°С.

Constant workbenches can be equipped with several types of pillars:

Cabinet baseu nit with five drawers on telescopic rails;

Cabinet base unit with three bigger drawers on telescopic rails;

Box unit with two shelves and a lock;

Cabinet base unit with one drawer and two shelves in a locked area;

Simplified posts also known as Legs.

Workbenches, which width is 1200 mm must have legs as one of supports.

Constant workbench allows choosing a lot of extra equipment. Such as main shelf and two upper shelves. You can choose their depth – 30 or 40 cm. You can equip workbench with monitor holder, drafts holder and cantilever. Cantilever is intended for easy-to-reach attaching of drawings, lighting and instruments. You also can choose equipping options: full size or half size. If choosing full size, you can pick perforated panel, bin rail and power panel to fill full back panel. If choosing half size, you can pick the entire above plus sloped panel, but one thing fills back panel only halfway, so you can take one list of equipment for one half and another list for other half. The power panel can be equipped with additional sockets, earth leakage circuit switch, automatic preventer and a phone nest. There is an opportunity to choose between light grey and dark grey colors of the details. We allow you set the workbench LED-lighting, the case for lighting of that is made of aluminum.

Constant workbenches are perfect for work in office, because of opportunity of installing drawer units or cabinets to the left and right. It also be good for production workplaces owning to rather large capacity of tabletop. Thanks to the ability to set two additional shelf and the main one, it is a possible to store many necessary-for-work items.

Watch more information on https://viking-esd.com/production/workbenches_series/constant_workbenches/

The technical and ESD versions are available for an order. Individual requirements and customized layouts are welcomed.

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